Our goal is to provide outstanding medical care for your child in a nurturing, fun environment so you can feel confident both in your child’s health and in your parenting abilities.

Generally we see healthy children first thing in the morning and first thing in the afternoon. We see sick children after these visits to try and limit contact between sick and well babies. Our sick visits are all scheduled for same day appointments. We do not have walk-in appointments, again to protect our healthy patients.

Should you choose our office for your new baby’s medical care, the hospital will call us, and one of our doctors will see you and your baby in the hospital within 24 hours. As most babies are born in the middle of the night, usually that is the next morning. We will do a complete exam and discuss newborn care and first feedings with you. We encourage first-time moms who plan to breastfeed to stay 48 hours in the hospital if possible, as newborns tend to feed better during the 2nd day. We will continue to see you every day that you are in the hospital.

We do not recommend new parents to attempt having a home birth in Northern Nevada. Please see our blog post “New Baby Advice from Your Pediatrician: Part One” for further explanation. If you do choose to have a home birth, we will be unable to see your baby in our office until the 2 month visit.

Following the birth of your new baby, we will see you in the office in the first week, then at 2 weeks of age, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Toddlers are seen at 18 months and 3 and 4 years of age. Older children are seen at two year intervals. At your well-child visits we will evaluate the child’s growth and development, discuss major milestones, answer all your questions (we encourage lists!) and do a complete physical examination. Immunizations are given after the doctor’s evaluation by our medical assistants.

Our policy on immunization is that all of our patients receive all of the CDC recommended vaccinations. We do not delay vaccination. This policy is in place to protect the other babies and children in our practice. Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor.

We belong to the Pediatric After-Hours Care group. More than 30 pediatricians in the Reno-Sparks area formed this group to offer the best pediatric care possible for our patients when the offices are closed. On weekdays after 4:30 pm, you can call 322-1899 to reach a pediatric nurse and schedule and appointment in our clinic with the on-call doctor. The clinic is also open weekends and holidays from 9 am until 2:30 pm. We strongly encourage use of this clinic as you will receive care from a board-certified pediatrician, and we always receive records and are able to follow-up with you as needed.

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