Overheard at the Office

4 year old boy: “I want my flea shot!”

Dr. Pat to little boy: “What’s that on your leg?” Boy: “A mole.” Dr. Pat: “What’s its name?” Boy: “Jenny!”

5 year old girl here for a concussion. Nurse Marci asks “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Girl: “A ladybug…..a smashed ladybug.”

5 year old: “Doctor, I have a question for you.” Dr. K “OK.” Child “You know I’m really strong? I can fight monsters.” Dr. K “Okay.” Child: “Not good monsters, just the bad monsters.” Dr. K “Okay…?” Child’s mother: “What’s the question?” Very serious Child: “NO. That’s the ANSWER.”

3 year old boy: “I like superheroes!” Dr. K: “Who’s your favorite superhero?” Boy: “Mommy!”

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  1. Marci R Russell Reply

    Oh my gosh I love kids!!! There was never a dull moment. Thank you for sharing one of my favorite moments!! I love an miss you all!!!!!
    Love Marci

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