Photo Contest!

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Win the adoration of millions and take home fun, fabulous prizes! Enter today!


  1. Take a cutie-patootie pic of your precious progeny.
  2. Like us on Facebook (search for Aspen Medical and look for the pic of the kiddo playing in the grass).
  3. Enter your photo on our Facebook page.
  4. Tell all your friends to like our page and vote for your submission.
  5. Winners will be posted in August in the office and on our website:


Craziest Hair
Cheesiest Grin
Best Tantrum
Most Athletic
Closest Resemblance to Family Member (must include pic of family member)
Closest Resemblance to Family Pet (must include pic of pet)
Princessiest Princess
Superest SuperHero
Outdoor Fun
Little Swimmer
At the Doctor’s Office
Bath Time
Best Rash
Weirdest Place to Take a Nap
And basically anything else we make up.

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