This blog section of our website will provide an outlet for snarky Dr. Krista, the sweet and brilliant Dr. Tammy, and wise Dr. Pat to discuss family, medical issues, and pontificate (mostly just Dr. Pat) on current events.

Periodically, we may update you as to common illnesses going around, but we will not discuss specific patient complaints. Medical questions should be sent through email or called into the office.

Comments will be open with moderation. Please do not discuss personal medical issues in the comments section, or attack other parents’ opinions. Calm, respectful discussions are welcome and encouraged!

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  1. Lady Teardrop Reply

    Wow I love the new website, great idea. Also I would like to thank Dr. Pat, Jane and all the staff for 17 years of caring for my daughter. Everyone is so caring, patient and polite in an often hectic office. THANK YOU DR. PAT

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