NP Patricia
Patricia C. Landon, APRN

Patricia Landon was born and raised in Montana and lived on a working sugar beet farm. After moving to California to receive her undergraduate degree in Zoology, she proceeded to move to Washington State to complete her Nursing degree and then on to Missouri to complete her Masters in Nursing. Patricia lived in 15 states throughout her life and found her home in Reno, Nevada. Her primary work experience comes from emergency medicine. However, after receiving her Nurse Practitioner credentials in 2007, Patricia began working in pediatrics due to her love of children. Patricia states that medicine involves many facets that she finds captivating. The most enjoyable aspect of her job is helping parents understand and care for their children.

Patricia is a mother of two children and one grandchild. She is not the only member of her household to work in the medical field. Her husband of 23 years is a flight paramedic for Renown Regional Medical Center. Outside of her career at Aspen Pediatrics, Patricia volunteers as a suicide prevention counselor and is an advocate for human and animal rights. Patricia enjoys hiking and traveling, as well as spending time with her two dogs, Jack and Kate, and her cat, Alice.